Social Security Meeting

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Another Democratic member of Congress is telling a Chippewa Valley audience that President Bush's social security proposals are misdirected and too vague.

Congressman Dave Obey held a forum this morning in Chippewa Falls.

Obey told constituents that social security is one of the most important programs in the country.

He says President Bush has not given the details of his plan to congress, but obey does not support the concept of private accounts because he says they will bankrupt the system and put the government deeper in debt.

"I have no problem whatsoever with giving people additional ability to invest money in private accounts over and above what's invested in Social Security," Obey says. "But I am very against pulling $2 trillion out of the Social Security system in order to pay for these private accounts."

Obey is sponsoring a bill that would raise the income cap on social security contributions which currently end once a person makes more than $88, 000 a year.