25- Story Landfills Could Dot Wisconsin Landscape

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board has approved rule changes allowing landfill operators to dump trash over larger areas, creating sites as tall as a 25-story building.

The rules approved 4-to-3
Wednesday would allow pipelines that collect water which trickles through landfills to be a maximum of 2,000 feet, compared with the current limit of twelve-hundred feet.

The change would allow the base of a landfill to be larger. And that would allow sites to be 100 foot higher, to the maximum of 250 feet.

The proposed rules were supported by industry representatives and the staff of the state Department of Natural Resources as necessary to make sure landfills can be expanded at existing sites. That would put off any need to build new landfills.

Backers of the rules say other states have successfully allowed landfills with such 2,000 foot leachate lines.

The rules must still be approved by lawmakers. And even if they win approval, the D-N-R- says it'll take a landfill operator two years of government approvals to go ahead with an expansion project.