UPDATE: State Assembly names 12-12-12 Aaron Rodgers day

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(WEAU) – The state Assembly passed a resolution to make 12-12-12 Aaron Rodgers Day.

But with so many serious issues facing the state, some say this legislation feels "out of bounds."

Aaron Rodgers was voted Most Valuable Player of the 2011 season and now it’s up to the senate to determine if 12-12-12 is Aaron Rodgers Day.

“Well I guess it's kind of a surprise for me, but I guess maybe he could deserve it but I think our state legislature has more to do,” said Owner of The Welcome Matt, Rick Brantner.

The Green Bay Packer has been actively involved with the charitable organization Midwest Athletes Against Cancer.

However while people are happy for Rodgers, they share the same concern that the legislature has other things to worry about.

"I do think this is a nice thing, it’s certainly not what should be priority. We do get some criticism in the legislature that we do a lot of these silly types of things, said Democrat Chris Danou of the 91st Assembly District.

"If the assembly can come together and be bipartisan and focus their efforts and energy on this, they should be able to also do that for things like public education," said Democrat Kristen Dexter, candidate for the 23rd District.

The people of Wisconsin agree that Aaron Rodgers is an icon for the Green Bay Packers and feel he deserves the praise for his hard work and dedication to Wisconsin.

"The Green Bay Packers bring a lot to the economy in the state of Wisconsin and Green Bay so look at it that way, it's a plus plus,” said Republican Kathleen Bernier of the 68th Assembly District.

"I think it's great, sure. He does a lot for the state of Wisconsin so why shouldn't we have something done for him," said Packers fan Verne Schellfeffer.

Whether you're a fan or not, the quarterback only has to wait on word from the senate if 12-12-12 is his day in Wisconsin.

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