Having Trouble Sleeping? There May Be Answer

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A new study shows more than 50 million Americans are poor sleepers and later in life that can take its toll. As people get older the lack of sleep can lead to heart, lung, and other health problems.

Most people today are concerned with their lack of productivity at work, but they don't attribute it to a lack of sleep. The Sleep Disorder
Center at Luther Midelfort is working to address people's sleeping problems and improve their lifestyle. Patients can be tested for a number of different sleeping problems at the clinic.

Nurse practitioner Kerri Crank says sleeping problems are more common than people think. "You know you have a problem when you're waking up and you're not feeling rested in the morning. Despite the number of hours during the day, you're drowsy during the day, you have difficulty performing normal activities, it affects your relationship, and you're late for work."

All these symptom can be signs of a sleep disorder. For more log onto www.luthermidelfort.org