Community Involvement Awards

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People who arrive first to the scene of a fire, accident or injury may not always have a medical background, but their assistance can be crucial to victim's survival.
The Eau Claire Fire Department and the local union presented 14 community involvement awards Friday at a ceremony at Sacred Heart Hospital.
The awards honored people who made lifesaving contributions before emergency responders arrived.
"These are the individuals who had the opportunity and made the choice to make a difference and that's really what community is all about," says Eau Claire Fire Chief Bruce Fuerbringer.
Here's a list of the 2005 honorees:

Eau Claire Fire Department:
Alecia Acker
Krystyna Hase
Laura Hookom
Allen Kempf
Robert Leidholdt
Lamoine Nelson
Carrie Resheske and her son Darin

Township Fire Department:
Toni, Bill, Ian, and Taylor Mattson, Jan Behm (Trinity Equestrian Center)
David Brown
Timothy Wilson

Altoona Fire Department:
Joe Rocha and Pail Gonzalez

Special Business Recognition:
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram Photography Department

Off-Duty Awards:
Lance Hanson and David Gee
Brian Kranz