Bulk Buying to Help Local Governments Save

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For years, consultants and others have told Wisconsin's local government leaders to do more things together to save money, and it's not just the big things like emergency dispatch or the City- County Health Departments.

All the cost savings for little things like natural gas or computer hardware can add up when bought in bulk.

The president of the Midwest Higher Education Compact met with some area government leaders today to discuss how their agencies can benefit from the Compact's arrangement.

Eau Claire Assemblyman Rob Kreibich says the program has saved state governemnt five- million dollars over the last decade.

"We think there are tremendous savings that can acrue. The main problem is most local governments aren't familiar with the Midwest Higher Ed Compact."

"We do have a very very small administrative fee for administering the contracts," Compact President Larry Issak said, "but it's so small that it doesn't even affect the bottom line."

Representitive Kreibich said Compact officials are looking into a way to offer cheaper health insurance as part of the deal, too. Ten midwestern states including Wisconsin are involved with the Midwest Higher Education Compact.