No Killing Stray Cats Says DNR Secretary

The secretary of the Department of Natural Resources says it won't be open season on stray cats in Wisconsin -- regardless of how residents vote on such a proposal.

Secretary Scott Hassett says there are too many unanswered questions and problems associated with killing roaming cats. For instance, if a barn cat wanders onto a neighbor's property, is it fair game?

Hundreds of people attended Wisconsin Conservation Congress meetings around the state Monday night on whether to allow cat killing.
The Eau Claire County meeting was filled.

The congress is an advisory group to the D-N-R. It asked residents whether free-roaming cats should be listed as an unprotected species -- which would allow them to be hunted.

The question is only advisory, but often advisory questions that receive public support are presented later as proposed rules. It is ultimately up to the Legislature to classify cats as an unprotected species.

Statewide results of the public vote are expected soon.