Menomonie Pharmacist Facing Reprimand

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A pharmacist who refused to fill a college student's prescription for birth control pills -- or transfer it to another pharmacist to fill -- is getting reprimanded by Wisconsin's Pharmacy Examining Board.

The board unanimously went along with the recommendation of an administrative law judge in the case of Neil Noesen. The board says he failed to carry out a responsibility to transfer the prescription if his religious beliefs kept him from filling it himself.

Noesen is from St. Paul, Minnesota ... but he was working at a Kmart in Menomonie when he refused to fill the prescription for a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

The board voted to reprimand him and have him attend ethics classes. He's also liable for an estimated $20,000 in costs for the proceedings against him.

He will retain his license if he informs all future employers in writing he won't dispense birth control pills. He also must put in writing the steps he would take to make sure a patient has access to medication.

There's no word on whether he'll appeal the ruling in circuit court.