Eau Claire County Conducts Survey on Underage Drinking

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Here are the rest of the results from a survey from the Consortium for Substance Abuse Prevention in Eau Claire County. A random sample of 2,488 households received the survey and 21 percent responded.

The majority of responses (57 percent) came from Altoona, Augusta, Fall Creek, and Fairchild and 43 percent came from the city of Eau Claire. The majority was females (69 percent) and employed (51 percent). The age range of respondents varied, but was mainly between 30 and 60 years of age. 35 percent of the respondents had children under the age of 21, and 27 percent had children in school or college.

Alcohol Availability to Youth
young people drink at unsupervised house parties-85 percent
adult friends or siblings often provide alcohol to youth-81 percent
alcohol is readily available to youth-73 percent

Contributing Factors
ease of obtaining-81 percent
family attitudes-77 percent
adults serve youth-70 percent

Greatest Areas of Concern
auto crashes-97 percent
unplanned pregnancies-91 percent
sexual assaults and date rape-88 percent

Primary Source of Alcohol
middle school- parents home 64 percent
high school- friends 66 percent
college- restaurants 33 percent, friends 32 percent

Acceptable Circumstances to Provide Alcohol to Youth
middle school-never 85 percent
high school-never 63 percent
college-never 31 percent

Ways to Prevent Underage Drinking
increase parental involvement-92 percent
penalize adults who provide-91 percent
aggressively enforce laws-86 percent
educate adults-85 percent
compliance checks-83 percent

There will be a community forum on underage drinking at the Sacred Heart Hospital Rotunda on Thursday, May 19 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. For more information contact Pamela Radcliffe at 855-7360.