Suspect: Mother Was In Nursing Home Before Body Found In Freezer

A freezer that authorities suspect has a woman's body in it was removed from a home in the Town of Campbell just outside La Crosse Sunday.

Officials say their suspect told them during a standoff that his mother's body was in the basement freezer. After he surrendered early Saturday, investigators chipped some of the ice away until they found a human leg.

Town of Campbell Police Chief Ron Latva says plans now call for chipping and thawing the ice to free the body ... and then taking it to a forensics lab for an autopsy.

The chest-type freezer was so heavy that a skid loader had to be used to get it out of the home.

The standoff started late Friday ... after a neighbor told authorities the suspect fired a gun and wounded him when he went to confront the suspect about hitting his son.

When authorities arrived, the suspect fled into his house.