La Crosse Man's Mother Found Dead In Freezer; Standoff With Police

Investigators have been working to defrost a body encased in ice ... after a man told authorities during a stand-off near La Crosse that his mother was in his basement freezer.

When Philip Schuth surrendered Saturday, police found the chest-type freezer and chipped ice away until they found a human leg. They had to use a skid loader yesterday to get the freezer out of the home in the town of Campbell. That's a community on French Island along the Mississippi River.

The body remained locked in the ice ... and plans called for chipping and thawing the ice to free the body so that an autopsy can be done.

Neighbors say they hadn't seen the 52-year-old Schuth's mother, Edith Schuth, for two years or more. Some say Philip Schuth had told them he moved her to a nursing home.

The discovery in the freezer capped a stand-off that began late Friday when Schuth took refuge in his home. Authorities say he shot and wounded a neighbor who had come to confront him for allegedly hitting the neighbor's ten-year-old son.

He's due to appear in La Crosse County Circuit Court Monday afternoon