The Future of Seniorcare

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Before the federal government came up with prescription drug coverage for seniors, the state of Wisconsin came up with Seniorcare. But when the federal government's Medicare drug benefit goes into effect on January 1, the funding for Seniorcare may go with it.
Speaking Tuesday to a group at the Chippewa Falls Senior Center, Governor Jim Doyle said the federal government should instead implement a program more like Wisconsin's.
The Governor says Seniorcare provides better coverage in addition to saving taxpayers and governments money.
"We can negotiate with drug companies to get lower prices," says Doyle. "The federal government, President Bush said we're not going to negotiate with drug companies, we're going to pay whatever prices drug companies hand us, which is ridiculous."
Doyle says legislators in the state need to fight together to keep the federal government's funding for Seniorcare. The program serves more than 90,000 people in the state.