Hudson Police Ask For Public's Help In Double Homicide

Police in Hudson, Wisconsin are asking the public for specific information about the murders of two funeral home workers.

Funeral home director Dan O'Connell and his 22-year-old old intern, James Ellison, were fatally shot at the O'Connell Family Funeral Home in Hudson in 2002.

Police Chief Richard Trende says investigators are asking the public for answers to four questions.

Specifically, did the victims possibly have information about inappropriate or criminal conduct of other people?

Police also want information about the possession or sale of a firearm that may be related to the murders.

They are also looking into a light-colored, mid-sized car, possibly a General Motors vehicle, that was seen in front of the funeral homes about the time of the homicides.

And, they want to know whether someone had a planned or unplanned meeting with the victims the day of the slayings.