Zimmerman Says He Will Never Be Believed About His Innocence

The former police officer once convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, says he knows some people won't be convinced he's innocent -- even though the homicide charge has been dropped.

Evan Zimmerman talked publicly about his freedom at his lawyer's office in La Crosse Monday.

Eau Claire County prosecutors dropped the charge during a second trial in Dodge County last week, citing insufficient evidence for conviction. Zimmerman won a second trial on appeal of his conviction in the strangulation death of Kathleen Thompson in February 2000. Her body was found along a street in Eau Claire.

Zimmerman says his "five years of hell" started the day Eau Claire police targeted him as their prime suspect in Thompon's death. He spent three and a-half years in prison. Zimmerman says he was glad he would work in prison and had trouble dealing with nights behind bars when inmates would wail and cry.

He can't be tried again for the crime.