La Crosse Man Crimnally Charged In Shooting; Hiding Body Of Mother

The man who says he kept his mother's body in his basement freezer for more than four years is criminally charged Tuesday in La Crosse County.

Philip Schuth (SHOOF) faces charges of concealing a corpse, attempted homicide and possessing explosives, among others.

Schuth is accused of shooting at neighbors who confronted him about hitting their son who had wandered onto Schuth's property.

District Attorney Scott Horne also charged Schuth with recklessly endangering safety, possessing a sawed-off shotgun and three counts of keeping explosives as a result of a standoff with police after the shooting on French Island.

A complaint says Schuth continued shooting at Randy and Melissa Russell and their son as they fled from his house April 22nd. Randy Russell was injured by gunfire.

During the standoff, Schuth allegedly told officers he had put his dead mother in a chest-style freezer in his basement in 2000.

Schuth surrendered the next morning. Police went inside his house and the freezer. Inside they found a woman's body in a block of ice. She has not been positively identified, but authorities say they assume it's Schuth's mother.