Old Shotgun Used In Alleged Homicide Found Near New Auburn

A shotgun apparently used in a 25-year-old murder in Rusk County has been unearthed in New Auburn.

One of two brothers accused in the 1979 homicide of Robert Pfeil Junior has led police to the shotgun he says was used to kill the man.

Authorities from several agencies searched for two days using metal detectors after John Rogers told police where he buried the gun.

Rogers and his brother Dale were recently charged with killing Pfeil. The men say they were trying to protect their brother Bob who was district attorney at the time. Bob Rogers believed Pfeil was going to harm him or his family members because he had ordered that Pfeil's dogs be killed.

Pfeil was found lying in the driveway of his rural Ladysmith home with a shotgun blast to the back of his head. The case remained an unsolved mystery until a secret grand jury uncovered new evidence.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 17th.