Neighborhood Meeting

Wednesday night's meeting was sparked by the placement of 32-year-old Shane Buck, who served seven years for assaults against a woman and two teen girls.

He's paid his debt to society, but neighbors say they are nervous about having him live near them.

They gathered at the Mount Washington home to hear from Lt. John Arnette of the Eau Claire Police Department and an official with the State Corrections Department.

They explained Buck's criminal history and that he took up residence on Crescent Avenue to live with his girlfriend, and they said since Buck served his time he has the freedom to live where he wants.

Lt. Arnette explained that sexual offenders have been released into neighborhoods for many years, but now law enforcement can tell neighborhoods when that happens because of a law that was passed in 1997.

Lt. Arnette recommends parents explain to their children who Buck is and that they should stay away from him.

The President of the Mount Washington Neighborhood Association also encouraged people to join their crime watch, and use this situation as an opportunity to get to know their neighbors.