Marine Killed in Overnight Crash

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Thursday has been a bitter pill to swallow for friends of 19-year old Adam Ludwigson. They say he had just come back to town last Friday after serving as a Marine overseas.

He and 20-year old Kelly Hartman were riding in the backseat of a four-door sedan around twenty-after two Thursday morning, when the car went down an embankment, and hit a pair of trees.

"Their injuries were of that severity that they were deceased on impact," said Captain Eugene Gutsch, of the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's deputies say the drivers side of the back of the car hit the trees especially hard.

News of the crash travelled fast at bloomer high school thursday morning, where both Ludwigson and Hartman had graduated. The school's Guidance Counselor had a busy, but not overwhelming day because of all this. As of about 11:00 Thursday morning, she'd only seen about 12 or 15 students, so there was no need for them to bring in another counselor from other schools in the district.

Meanwhile the Sheriff's Department is bringing in the State Patrol.

"We're planning to do some re-construction in looking into speed as well as some other issues that surround the crash," Captain Gutsch said.

20-year old Ryan Rubenzer, who drove the car, was arrested for what officers call "an alcohol related violation." Officers expect the related test results in a few days.