Another Unresolved Murder

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With charges dropped against Evan Zimmerman, the murder of Kathleen Thompson is legally unresolved.

Zimmerman and his attorney have been raising the possibility that Thompson's 2000 killing may be linked to another unsolved Eau Claire murder, that of Angelina Wall in 2001.

A motion filed last year by Zimmerman's defense team asked permission to include evidence from Wall's homicide. Both women were strangled within a year of each other and their bodies were dumped along roads in Eau Claire County.

But the Eau Claire county district attorney the link is weak at best.

"The conclusion that the judge reached was that there were not significant enough similarities between the circumstances of the two crimes to lead to a reasonable conclusion that the same person committed both crimes," says Rich White.

Zimmerman last week after a judge ruled Zimmerman's testimony from his first trial was inadmissible.