Huge Grass And Forest Fire In Adams County

Fire officials in central Wisconsin are hoping to bring under control a 39-hundred acre forest fire that forced about 100 residents out of their homes Thursday.

No one was injured in the fire that started in brush in Adams County's Big Flats. At least 96 people were evacuated from their homes in a ten-by-ten mile radius that also includes Colburn.

Jennifer Rabuck, with the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service, says about 120 buildings, including homes, were within the evacuation area along Highway 13.

Deb Rogers says she and her husband, Bob, were forced to evacuate their Big Flats home at about two-30 p-m as the flames came up behind the home.

She says they were given about an hour to leave their home. They grabbed some clothes, her purse and two dogs.

She says the toughest part is not knowing the condition of her home.

Jim Gobel, of the state Department of Natural Resources, says a fire of this magnitude is rare in Wisconsin.