President Bush In Milwaukee Promotes Social Security Changes

President Bush says he has an obligation to address the Social Security issue and find a solution to keep the system solvent.

Bush promoted his top domestic priority in Wisconsin Thursday at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The president told the crowd of about 500 that young people will be paying into a bankrupt system if Congress doesn't act.

Bush wants to give workers the chance to put a portion of their payroll taxes into personal accounts.

Six people joined Bush on the stage to talk about Social Security, all were younger and favored the option of investing their Social Security money. They include a dairy farming couple, an entrepreneur and a single mother of a toddler.

The president continued to emphasize that seniors' Social Security benefits are safe, that the system is solvent for people born before 1950. And he talked about the "safety" of personal accounts for younger workers -- that they wouldn't be able to take their Social Security savings to the track or spend it on the lottery.