Wisconsin National Guard Recruitment Falls Below Quotas

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The Wisconsin Army National Guard is struggling to recruit and retain troops at a time when they've been asked to serve lengthy tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's a trend experienced nationally by the Guard and U-S Army. Both have failed to meet recruiting goals the last several months.

The Wisconsin Army National Guard has fallen more than 400 troops below its target over the past 20 months.

In Wisconsin, the Army National Guard has ramped up its recruiting efforts, including increasing its bonuses to ten-thousand for some recruits and up to 15,000 for re-enlistments. The Guard also put 22 new recruiters in the field since December and plans to add another seven this month.

Wisconsin Army National Guard Lieutenant Colonel Tim Donovan says the wars have made it difficult to recruit.

The Wisconsin Army National Guard suffered its first combat casualties since World War Two in Iraq. Its units have been on their most extensive call-up since World War Two, with more than one-thousand soldiers serving overseas.