Police: Violent Crime on the Rise

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Police in Eau Claire are blaming the increase on the illegal drugs that are increasingly prevelant on this side of the state.

They consider cocaine, marijuana, and even alcohol as problems, but methamphetamine seems to be the worst of the bunch because of the other crimes its users are likely to commit.

"The demographic of people that are passing through and staying for the weekend and are dealing drugs, quite frankly, with our city and our region has increased dramatically in the last few years," said Eau Claire Police Chief Jerry Matysik.

Officers admit they don't have the power to get rid of the illegal drugs altogether.
Even pending legislation to limit over-the-counter sales of Pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients in meth, is only considered a starting point to slow down the labs.

"We need people to talk to their friends, their neighbors and say we've got to band together to keep this stuff out," Chief Matysik said.

Officers say more labs are popping up in Western Wisconsin because of the area's proximity to the Twin Cities, where much of the meth in the midwest comes from.

Police have responded by meeting with a drug task force once a month, and discussing the dangers of illegal drugs with people living in town.