Realizing A Dream

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He says he's accomplished this with a great attitude and determination.

Adam Griggel is just 7 weeks away from finishing the Police Academy program at the Chippewa Valley Technical College.
Even with his prosthetic leg, Griggel says he's doing just fine.

Adam Griggel says, I'm keeping up with everybody else. I'm doing better than some of the guys out there. I don't find it hindering me at all."

Adam Griggel says even after he lost his leg, he was determined to become a police officer.

Adam Griggel says, "I saw it as a challenge, and something I still wanted to do and pursue."

He says he doesn't even consider himself as someone with a disability.

Adam Griggel says, "I find it as nothing. It doesn't change anything I can do. I just have to put a leg on in the morning."

It's this love and excitement for law enforcement, that Jerry Halbleib, one of Adam's teachers, says was obvious the first time he met Adam.

Jerry Halbleib says, "He's got an I can do it attitude. It's going to serve him well in the field of law enforcement and I have no doubts.

Halbleib says this is the first time the Police Academy program has had someone with an artificial limb. He says, as long as they meet the objectives of the program, it can work.

Jerry Halbleib says, "The physical condition is really secondary as to what they can do and what they have to do as police officers."

Griggel says he hopes his story will provide an inspiration to other people with meningitis cases.

Adam Griggel says, "If you put a goal out there you can reach it. You might be a little slower, you might take a little more time than somebody else, but you can always reach your goal somehow.

Griggel says he's already sent out job applications to different states. He says right now he has a strong lead with the Oshkosh Police Department, which is a job he's really looking forward to.

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