Board of Regents to Review Stout ROTC Policy

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The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents will review a "no" answer from UW-Stout's chancellor to a request to start a military ROTC program on campus.

System President Kevin Reilly says the Regents want to ensure the decision from Charles Sorenson is in compliance with the law and regent policy.

Sorenson says he based his decision on the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy that he says discriminates against gays and is in contrast to the school's goal of diversity.

That drew criticism from three area state senators, all Republican, who said it was hypocritical for the school to refuse the ROTC while accepting federal funding.

They also claimed the ROTC rejection is more about politics than policy, an assertion Stout spokesman John Enger strongly denies.

"It is not an anti-war statement. It is not an anti-military statement," says Enger, "Those were not even things brought up. It was simply confined as an issue of discrimination against openly gay people."

Enger wouldn't speculate on what the eventual outcome of the policy may be, but said Stout will abide by whatever the Board of Regents decides.