Attempted Murder Suspect Almost Released

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The man Altoona police say tried to kill his wife with a hammer last week was nearly released from an Iowa jail just hours after fleeing Altoona.

According to Altoona police, the attempted murder charges against thirty two year old Roberto Rios had yet to appear on Rios' record when he was arrested for drunk driving in Iowa, just five hours after police got the call Rios had hit his wife numerous times in the head with a hammer at their Altoona home.

"His family was on the way or had arrived from Texas to post his bond for him and then when they ran the check and found this warrant outstanding he was held and we were notified," said Altoona Police Chief Todd Chaney.

Rios also told police he was headed to Texas to see his sick mother and that his wife was at home in Alton.

No word yet on when Rios will return to face charges in Wisconsin.

Police say his wife has since been released from the hospital and is cooperating in the investigation.