Wisconsin National Guard Recruiting Down

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More than 1000 members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard are currently deployed overseas.
When members of 128th Infantry Battalion left last summer, friends and family saw their loved once of to the war in Iraq.
Sgt. Troy Miller regretfully sent off his best recruiting tool. "When you have a unit that's home, generally there's 80-100 soldiers in the company," says Miller. "That's 80-100 soldiers who are out in the community, in the schools, that are out promoting Army National Guard for us."
For the past year and a half, the number of people signing up for the national guard in Wisconsin has fallen 400 short. In response, they've changed committment requirements. "We just came out with a three year bonus worth $10,000. Traditionally you would have had to have enlisted for six years to get that kind of bonus," says Miller.
With graduations from high school and college coming up, they are hitting their highest expected recruitment months.