Semi Chase in Marathon County

A semi driver is being held in Marathon County tonight after leading police on an hour-long chase that ended near downtown Marshfield.
He suffered some cuts on his face and hands, but no one else is thought to have been hurt.
Police say they tried to pull the man over north of Abbotsford early this morning, and think he wouldn't stop because there had been a warrant for his arrest.
Officers think he hit a squad car on his way down toward Marshfield.
They shot through a side window, set road spikes in the rig's path, shot 8-times through the windshield, and finally shot through the radiator before they could capture the man on Business-13.
"As it was rolling to a halt, the passenger door came open on the cab, somebody came jumping out, fell face-first into the grass, spread eagle, and just like that, officers were there," witness Fred Sadowski said.
Officers plan to discuss the incident during a news conference on Monday.