New Wisconsin Minimum Wage Bill Headed For Governor's Signature

The state Senate has passed a bill that prohibits local governments from setting their own minimum wage that's higher than the state's.

The legislation has already passed the Assembly.

It next goes to Governor Doyle. He's indicated he would sign the bill if Republicans agree to his plan to increase the minimum wage in two steps.

The Democratic governor and Republicans who control the Legislature have been deadlocked over increasing the $5.15 minimum wage for most of the past year.

Republicans now say they'll allow the governor to increase the minimum wage as long as he signs the legislation prohibiting local governments from exceeding the state's wage.

Under Doyle's new plan, the wage would increase to $5.70 an hour June 1st and $6.50 next June.

The minimum wage would have hit $6.50 an hour this year under Doyle's original plan.

The state says about 40,000 Wisconsin workers are paid the minimum wage.