Special Interest Groups

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Legislators are working to pass the state's next two year budget, and there's more than just state projects seeking funding.
Planned Parenthood and Wisconsin Right to Life don't always have a vested interest in the same issues, but when they do, the opinions clash.
Current issues being debated have split the two in seeking support from legislatures on such issues as pharmacists conduct, supplying the morning after pill at u-w schools, and treatment for rape victims.
"Those are areas in which a human life is at stake and medical professionals should be protected from not having to participate or not having to lost their jobs," says Barbara Lyons, director of Wisconsin Right to Life.
Planned Parenthood spokesperson Tanya Atkinson says it wants to protect women's options. "They're restricting access to basic healthcare. More than 90% of women sometime in their life will use a prescription contraceptive, for everything from contraception to regulating painful conditions like endometriosis."
Both groups have an equally tough battle for the attention of lawmakers who are working on passing a two year budget by July 1st.