Body In Freezer in La Crosse County Likely That Of Suspect's Mother

The body found in the basement freezer of a La Crosse County man involved in a standoff with authorities last month is likely his mother, as he claimed.

The La Crosse County medical examiner says they have been looking at the only photographs available of Edith Schuth, and those are from the 1960s. He added that there are no fingerprints available, but all characteristics indicate that the body is that of her. Authorities said they might use DNA to absolutely determine the identify, but at this time they believe that the body in the freezer was Edith Schuth.

Her 52-year-old son Philip surrendered to authorities April 23rd after a standoff that began when he shot and wounded a neighbor.

During the standoff he told authorities his mother was in his freezer ... and after his arrest, investigators chipped some ice away and found the body.

He later told officials she died naturally four and a half years ago ... and he put her in the freezer because he wanted to keep collecting her Social Security checks and didn't want to be blamed for her death.

He faces eight felony counts, including attempted homicide, endangering safety, hiding a corpse and various weapons charges. He's been ordered to be evaluated to see if he is fit to stand trial and is due back in court June 7th.