Western Wisconsin Family Remembers Son, Husband Killed in Iraq

For the widow of one of the most recent Wisconsin soldiers to die during wartime, Memorial Day represents unhappiness and sorrow -- no more, no less than any other day of her grieving.

Olga Bossert lost her husband, Army Sergeant Andrew Bossert, of Fountain City, in March after a car exploded near him at a checkpoint in Iraq.

He became the 35th Wisconsin soldier killed in Iraq since the U-S military invaded the country more than two years ago.

Bossert's mother, Diane, says too many folks have lost the real meaning of Memorial Day -- a day that's always been important to her because her father, husband and brothers were soldiers.

But she says now it's more personal, too, because of her son's death.

Bossert says her family will spend part of the long weekend at a special ceremony in Madison on Monday honoring the latest additions to the state's list of war dead.