Jellystone Recovers from F-1 Tornado

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The better part of a year hasn't really clouded Bill Rezin's memory when it comes to the F-1 tornado that came all too close to his property in Monroe County.

"As far as we could see up...branches and shingles were rotating."

It's the same tornado that destroyed at least one home, and dozens of campsites at nearby Jellystone Park. A pair of campers were hurt in the process.

"That's always been our worst fear."

Still, the injuries and damage were minimal.

"We probably had enough emergency people to carry everybody in Warrens out."

"We actually did recover fairly quickly," said Jellystone General Manager Joyce Stenklyft.

Thanks to the volunteers that came from states away to clear the downed trees, and rescue workers like Bill who stayed for days, never seeing a dime for their trouble.

"It's the Lord's will, if you're gonna be in it, you're gonna be in just have to do what you can to help out."

At Jellystone, managers say they're planning to install a new communication system, just in case.

"I don't believe it's going to happen again...If it does, you just deal with it," Stenklyft said.

As Bill says he will if another tornado should come by his rural home. The effort to repair the damage at Jellystone has also rebuilt the confidence he has in his neighbors.

"It tells me i'm from a pretty good community, I'm proud to be from it."

So proud in fact, that he says even memories of the tornado will likely never keep him from living in his hometown.