Suspects Named in Monroe County Death Investigation

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Sheriff's deputies in Monroe County have named two men as "primary suspects" in the double-homicide investigation of a couple from Sparta,
but say they won't rule out other credible leads that may turn up during their investigation.

Meanwhile, the county Medical Examiner says both Kale Kvistad and Connie DeGeorge were shot to death.

Officers say 36-year old Larry Schaffer from Neillsville is being held in Monroe County on an unrelated sexual assault charge.

37-year old Troy Hogan from Sparta is not in custody, but is free on bond from an unrelated charge.

"There's still a number of leads that investigators have to follow up on based on information they've received that implicate these two individuals," said District Attorney Dan Cary.

"They're hopeful that sometime in the not too distant future that will lead to an arrest."

Kvistad and DeGeorge dissapeared from their home in Sparta in march of 2002. Hunters found what were later identified as their remains more than two and a half years later north of Fort McCoy.