Tuesday Storm Damage

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There were a number of power lines and branches downed in Tuesday night's severe weather but a family in the Town of Washington lost a 100 year old barn.

The structure was empty at the time, but the Seidlings say they have more than a hundred cows that could have been lost. The family had been planning to dispose of the barn, but the owner said it was sooner than expected. "All of the sudden the wind started up and through our valley, it sounded just like a train coming up the valley and then I heard a really loud band, next thing, I looked out the window and the barn was flat," said Mary Seidling.

The Seidlings were one of an estimated 9,000 residents who lost power because of Tuesday night's storms.

The Shellenberger family didn't lose power, but they almost lost the front of their home to a downed pine tree. Donna Shellenberger was in her son's room Tuesday when she heard a rumbling.

"We waited cause we couldn't go right out and look. So when it all calmed down, we all went outside and stood there in awe that it didn't hit the house," says Shellenberger.

The only casualty of the downed tree was a birdbath.