Zien Prepares New Version of Conceal/Carry

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It's a cause he's championed before. Sen. Dave Zien says once the Legislature has straightened out the next biennium budget, he'll rally support for a new version of the conceal and carry bill.

This version would reduce the fee for a permit from $113 to $75, and change who is responsible for issuing permits and conducting background checks.

Previously, sheriff's departments were intended as enforcers, but Zien says complaints about resources held up the legislation.

"That'll be done by another entity," says Zien. "Could be the State Troopers Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Attorney General, Law Enforcement Alliance of America, or private agencies. The sheriffs won't have to worry about it. They were most vehemently against it last session."

Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer says while time and funding are concerns, safety trumps all others.

"I'm not opposed to carry conceal, but I think it needs to have a lot better controls than that first bill," says Cramer.

Although Zien says the people of the state support his efforts, Gov. Doyle says he will again veto the bill.