ESPN Sets Dates for Bassmaster Airing

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Those at the Chippewa Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau last week, weren't sure what to expect or what the turnout would be as the nation's top bass anglers came to Lake Wissota.
But with perfect weather, some promotion, and word of mouth, thousands of curious people came to watch.
Officials at the Visitors Bureau say about 14,000 people went to watch the weigh-ins Wednesday through Saturday for the Bassmaster 50 Elite Series.
Linda Adler of the Visitors Bureau says, "There was a comment by Keith Allen- the ESPN announcer. Of all the Elite 50s, it was the best crowd turnout and enthusiasm of any they've had."
Adler says the events from Chippewa Falls will be broadcast on ESPN2 July 2 and July 9 at 9:00 a.m.