It's a Heatwave!

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When it's 85 in the shade, and you can probably cook dinner on the sidewalks, even doctors say taking the kids for a swim is a good idea.

"I knew it was going to be 95, but we promised the kids we'd come here thursday so we kept our promise," said Doddie Homme.

Her grandkids certainly didn't need orders from the doc to join hundreds of people in going for a mid-day dip.

"They stay out there as long as two hours in the water, then they come out have their lunch wait a while and go back in again."

The kids put on their sunscreen beforehand, a good dose of prevenative medicine according to the experts.

"If you're in the water, you're probably fine," said Dr. Kirk Dahl of Sacred Heart Hospital.

"If you're out lying in the sun, you just can't radiate the heat away faster than it's collecting."

Meanwhile Doddie was watching for any sign that her grandchildren have spent too much time outside.

"If you're finding that you're not functioning well, you can't think well-that's a dangerous situation and you need to immediately get into a cooler environment," Dr. Dahl said.