County Jail Inmates Help Cleanup Hammond Tornado Debris

Residents in Hammond are picking up siding, shingles and other pieces of their property damaged by last weekend's tornado.

Philip Meier is looking for another place to live after being told that his house will be uninhabitable for four or five months.

A pile of splintered wood in a nearby soybean field is all that's left of Meier's garage.

Thirty inmates from the St. Croix County Correctional Center in New Richmond helped pick up insulation and other debris in the field behind Meier's house.

Dumpsters supplied by the village are filled with broken trees and wood.

Village building inspector Brian Wert says of 33 damaged residential properties, 17 are uninhabitable. Half of the remaining homes were without gas or power.

County emergency government officials say total damage -- including structural, crop and utility -- is more than three and a-half (M) million dollars.