Search for Missing Man Moves to River

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Eau Claire police and firefighters are now concentrating on the Chippewa River in their efforts to find a missing man from Minnesota.
Twenty-two-year-old Josh Snell from Hastings, was attending a wedding in Eau Claire Saturday night for a former classmate from Immanuel Lutheran High School.
Dozens of friends, as well as family members, searched for clues along the riverbank Tuesday afternoon, while divers searched the water.
While Snell was last seen at a Water Street tavern, Lt. John Arnette says Snell made cell phone calls to friends after that, saying he was in a bruhy area. That brought the search to the banks.
Arnette says it was then that two sirts, identified as Snell's, were found.
Firefighters and police will continue to meet jointly to determine how the search will proceed.
With several similar cases in the last few years, Arnette says there's an apparent draw to the water, but wants all to know of its dangers..
He says, " one common denominator in all these I've been involved in is alcohol.. people consume so much, they get confused, they're disoriented."
Police are still looking for any information that anyone may have. If you can help, you're asked to call the Eau Claire Police Department at 839-4972.