Hudson Double Homicides May Be Close To Being Solved

Hudson's police chief says an analysis of a priest's computer records may be the last piece he needs in a funeral home homicide investigation.

The computer of the Reverend Ryan Erickson was seized in December at a rectory in Hurley. Erickson was found hanged from a fire escape at St. Mary's in Hurley days after he was questioned by police.

Police Chief Richard Trende says he's awaiting a sophisticated exam and analysis of Erickson's computer, including the recovery of e-mails that were deleted.

Erickson was an associate pastor at a church in Hudson when funeral home director Dan O'Connell and intern James Ellison were killed three years ago.

Trende says the murders were not random. He says the motive is apparently personal. The gun used in the murders has not been found.