Central Wisconsin Former Iranian Hostage Says New Leader Was His Captor

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A quarter-century after they were taken captive in Iran, five former American hostages, including one from Wisconsin, say they think Iran's new president-elect was one of their captors.

Four of the former hostages exchanged e-mails after watching coverage of Iran's presidential election on television. They say they believe President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was among those who held them captive for 444 days.

A fifth ex-hostage, Kevin Hermening from Mosinee in Marathon County, Wisconsin, says he reached the same conclusion after looking at photos.

But another former hostage says he doesn't recognize the president-elect as one of the captors.

Several former students who were among those who took the hostages also say that the president-elect didn't take part. A close aide also denies he participated.

Militant students took 52 Americans hostage when they seized the U-S Embassy in Tehran in November of 1979.