Food Safety

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With all the outdoor picnics and cookouts that are bound to go on this weekend and during Independence Day, health experts are warning you to be careful when it comes to cooking and eating outside.

A good way to keep bacteria from spreading if you're grilling out is to put cooked meat on a new plate, not the one you used when the meat was raw, and the more you wash your hands with soap and water, the better.

"A lot of people rely on those Wet Ones and things that are out there, just to use water and sponges and stuff," said Registered Dietician Diane Dressel of the Midelfort Clinic.
"Those things are really not going to kill the bacteria."

Hot summer afternoons give bacteria a much better chance to grow on food, especially stuff with salad dressing in it like potato salad.

So don't let it or anything else sit out for more than maybe a half an hour to stay on the safe side.