WAVE Speaks Out Against Conceal & Carry

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Senator Dave Zien has been a major champion for a concealed weapons law in Wisconsin. Now, a state-wide group is joined by area law enforcement speaking out against it.
The Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, known as WAVE is campaigning against enacting a conceal and carry bill.
Speaking on behalf of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, the Chippewa Falls police chief said hidden, loaded weapons can not improve quality of life. "It is my personal and professional opinion that public safety is not enhanced if concealed firearms are carried by citizens during heated arguments between motorists, in crowded stores or where police officers make traffic stops," Chief Joe Coughlin.
Eau Claire's police chief says officers that carry concealed weapons are carefully screened, and required to do update training once a month. "This is a complicated thing. It's not as easy to couch this as well. There are good citizens with good judgement. Certainly, there are, but the reverse is also true and that is the problem," says Chief Jerry Matysik.
A spokesperson for Senator Zien's office says the latest version of the conceal and carry bill is in the drafting process and is expected to be introduced again this fall.