The Road to Recovery

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It's been almost two weeks since five-year-old Josephine Shadick and her mother Jessica were attacked by a pit bull at their home on Eau Claire's south side.

Doctors say both are on the road to a strong recovery, but Josephine has years of reconstructive surgery ahead of her. The five-year-old is recovering from a shattered jaw bone, and has had to have multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face.
One of the team of doctors helping her to recover says Josephine is stable and in good spirits.

"In my experience, when I first came to Eau Claire, it was in 1984. I thought I couldn't see anything in the emergency room that would surprise me," says Dr. Joseph Rucker, Josephine's plastic surgeon. "This surprised me. This was a horrendous injury."

In a statement to WEAU, Jessica Shadick thanked the community for their support, saying her daughter is a "tough little girl and will make it through these hard times."

A benefit fund for the family has been set up at RCU. Donations can be sent to or made at any location.