Tenants Search for Belongings, Homes

People who live in the London Royale Apartments in Eau Claire are homeless and without much of their belongings this evening. This after lightning apparently hit the building during last night's storms setting the building on fire.
Five of the eight units in the building were vacant at the time and the people who were inside escaped without injury.
Residents were allowed back to see what was left of their homes today and to begin searching through the ashes for anything salvagable.
Those on the lower level suffered mostly water damage however the upper units were almost entirely destroyed.
A majority of the fire victims are unsure how they'll recover from the loss seeing as they dont' have renters insurance.
"It covers fire, lightning, theft, etc...Unfortunately most people don't think about it until something like this happens and they lose everything they own," says insurance agent Nancy Stang
For most people renters insurance costs less than 150 dollars a year and often covers up to 25 thousand dollars in damages....it's an investment the victims now say they wish they'd made.