Pettis Proposal

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Republican Mark Pettis of Hertel says he's seeking to have the fines for serving to minors as well as the underage drinking fines for 19 and 20 year-olds reduced to ten dollars each, if the person drinking has a military ID. Minors are currently fined up to $500.

Pettis says it isn't about drinking, but rather treating soldiers as adults in all facets of life.

"We respect their judgement with a $10 million tank, we respect their judgement on pushing the buttons on a nuclear weapon and to defend our country, " says Pettis. " I think we could respect their judgement when it comes to having a (beer)."

Pettis first proposed allowing underage military members the right to drink legally, however that bill was rejected by the federal government, when it threatened to withdraw all federal highway money if the state's drinking age were reduced.