DMV Problems

Taking a trip to the DMV usually always involves patients and those patients have been tested ever since last Tuesday. The lines and the wait have gotten longer since last week.

This is because some work was being done on the new computer system that was put in last December.

However, the work actually caused slow downs, and state wide outages of the computer system, which created some back-ups at the dmv.

The system is back to normal now...but, some lingering effects of the outage is still evident.

Donald Shilts, DMV Service Superivsor, said, "I think we're still digging out of that, but, once we get ourselves righted again, I think we'll get back to some better wait times. The bad part is that it causes people to come in rather than mail in"

Shilts suggest that people should utilize the drop boxes to avoid counter service fees and the wait. Also it's always best to avoid the first and last couple days of the month.