Kohl Commends Local Police, Warns of Meth Danger

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Senator Herb Kohl held a news conference Monday to commend police on their efforts to fight meth in Eau Claire County.

Kohl says he's worked to keep millions of dollars earmarked for drug prevention invested in it, and he'll fight to do the same in the years ahead.

"To look for zero kind of incidents of meth is kind of unrealistic at this time," Kohl said.

"But what you want to do is see that it's reduced."

"There's only so many officers to go around in a given period," said Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer.

"I've spent a lot of money on overtime, but i think it's money well spent."

The Sheriff says his deputies are constantly working with their counterparts in Minnesota in an effort to keep the meth that's turned up there out of Western Wisconsin.