Legislators Call for Attorney General Investigation at UW-Madison

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Saying an internal investigation is not enough a number of state lawmakers are calling for the Attorney General to investigate the actions of a UW-Madison Vice Chancellor Paul Barrows.

Barrows has become the focus of intense scrutiny in recent weeks after it was revealed he continued to collect his $192 thousand dollar salary for seven months after his position was eliminated and then was rehired for another job at $150 thousand dollars a year.

Close to a dozen Republican legislators including area Representatives Rob Kreibich and Terry Moulton signed the letter asking for an independent investigation.

They claim the one person panel set up by the University isn't sufficient.

"We have this one person panel of a UW Madison employee that even if she does a credible job, the public will view the results with skepticism and we won't be able to move on," says Kreibich.

Kreibich says theres about a fifty-fifty shot the Attorney General will take up the Barrows issue.